Normal Life Campaign

How we started

We Iranians who were forced to leave our homeland due to the restrictions in our beloved country Iran by the ruling ideological government, after finding our influential role in the society of the host country, because the Islamic Republic of Iran has restricted to enter any correct information into Iran, we found that it is our duty to play an informative role to inform Iranians inside Iran The feeling of living in a free and secular government.
To this end, we realize that the least we can do is to tweet a part of our daily lives and our individual and social rights in a free and secular government with photos and videos.
After a few days and see great interest from people inside Iran, we realized more than ever that the difference between life in an authoritarian government and a free and secular government base on human rights laws is very significant for the Iranian people.
People inside Iran asked us to show them the normal life of a human being in a normal government in every way.
For a better and more specific category, we launched the hashtag Normal Life, very quickly this hashtag became a big popular campaign.
Today, Iranians abroad in different countries joined this campaign and by tweeting their life in a free and secular government, this campaign became one of the trends in Persian Twitter.
At the same time, the ruling dictatorial regime in Iran, which saw the danger of wasting its poisonous propaganda machine in the continuation of this campaign, began to destroy and attack this campaign.
But these attacks encouraged us to show a free and normal life, as well as work to achieve a normal life and a normal government.